Zev's Variations on "Praise Be"

My son, Zev, graduated from the Londonderry School last Thursday. He'll start high school in the Fall. For the graduation ceremony, the students in his class were asked to give a gift of some sort to the school. Zev wrote a set of variations on the song that is sung every year at the Londonderry graduation, called "Praise Be". We made a recording of him playing the piece at our home yesterday, and I post it here, for those friends who wished to hear it.

(The theme of the introduction to the variations is another Londonderry song - from the school play this Spring - called "Show Me Your Talent".)



Strawser Interview Part 1 - Spartacus Suite

Dick and I discuss the upcoming HSO Masterworks performance of Khachaturian's Spartacus Suite #2.


Strawser Interview Part 2 - Billy the Kid

Dick and I discuss the upcoming HSO Masterworks performance of Copland's Billy the Kid.


Strawser Interview Part 3 - Don Quixote

Dick and I discuss the upcoming HSO Masterworks performance of Strauss' Don Quixote.

Rabbi Eric Cytryn's Invocation at LVC Award Ceremony

Here is the text of Rabbi Cytryn's beautiful invocation this past Tuesday.

Our God and God of our Ancestors,
To whom all life is precious and dear,
Bless our Founders Day Convocation today
With your gifts of wisdom, grace and peace.

O You Divine
Who create the world
With vibrating substance,
Help each of your creatures
To hear the music we make,
The personal truths we share,
The divine wisdom you reveal;
Open our ears, our minds and our hearts
That we may become better listeners
To the breathtaking cacophony of Your world.

Continue, please, to bless Lebanon Valley College
With wisdom, insight and prosperity.

Continue to bless all campus service organizations
Who contribute to the well being of the student body
And the greater Central Pennsylvania community
With the energy only college students seem to exhibit.

Continue to bless our honoree,
Maestro Stuart Malina and his family
With all that is good;
May he continue
To practice the gifts you grant
And inspire us to greater appreciation
Of the good vibrations
That fill Your universe
With Your songs.
The Bible teaches us
To Sing a new Song to God;
May Stuart Malina’s creativity
Be infused with Your energy
And reflect our divine purpose,
To draw near to You
Through our love and our actions.
May his family,
His fellow musicians
And his community
Continue to benefit
From his great love for people
And for music.

God, Bless the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
These United States of America
And all your creation, everywhere,
With Liberty and Justice,
So that we may wisely embrace
The truth of our diverse paths to each other
And to You.